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Dallas LaRose is an established Canadian Artist from Edmonton, Alberta. Dallas is self-taught and has had a natural ability in art from a young age, but started her career later in life.


Being a mother of 4 and a wife, she felt the need to create on a more permanent basis and completely changed her career path in 2015, pursuing her passion for art full-time. She began selling her work at a number of Art Walks, exhibitions and festivals province-wide. This led to recognition and opportunities in larger public art projects and displaying her work in galleries. Most recently Vignettes Design Showcase, Experience Jasper Avenue with The City of Edmonton and group shows at Sparks Centre, Sacred Arts Gallery, Jakes Gallery & Framing and others.  Dallas currently works from her downtown studio in Edmonton, selling and showing her work.


Dallas uses modern and contemporary approaches to push the barriers of traditional Canadiana art and is continuously rooted by natural beauty found in her home province. Her work is characterized by bold and vibrant colour palettes; exploring the boundaries in colour theory using personalized techniques.